Saturday, September 27, 2008

Germany, Austria, Sweeden

So, we went to the worlds largest IKEA yesterday and it was A-MA-AING. IKEA is my happy place. Thank you Sweeden.
Home in 6 days!

Salzburg, Austria glass player

house wives make painted eggs!

super creepy marionettes...

Sara and I up in a fortress in Salzburg!!

Sweedish love.

us being bums and taking over grocery store entry ways in Germany.

Dachau, the biggest concentration camp in Germany.. so sad.

a castle in Werfen, Austria.. amazing

Salzburg, Austria!

no where near Texas.... actually at a 16th century fortress to be exact

Austrias have the best ideas ever.

mmmm Motzart in chocolate form.

master subway artist we've become.

Danke Schon.... (now thats legit)

forgot about this, Canyoning in Switzerland... the coldest day of my life, 45 degree glacier water is not something I recommend jumping into....

endless spiral staircases...

designer lederhosen...

viva la Europe...

Well ladies and gentlemen, I am in Stockholm, Sweeden staying with the lovely Yenny and Sophia. Here are some photos from Switzerland, the best place on earth... every time I see this place I just want to hug the ground.

swiss house.

being somewhat disrespecful in a Swiss cemetary, but I love them...

getting good use of my present from Grayson's trip... yes!


more to come lads...