Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sarah + Daniel's amazingness!

I shot Sarah and Daniel's wedding at this awesome location in Santa Ana, it was at a cemetery. That sounds odd but it was seriously beautiful, so quaint and the light was amazing! We got lucky with the fires, being that all of Orange County was on fire the day before. I was hoping for some fire orange skies but what we had was beautiful too! Everything went perfectly and they are such a perfect couple, so stinkin cute! And they did a sparklers exit! Mi favorita!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm engaged!!!!!

It's official! Grayson proposed and the ring is AMAZING! He took me to Joshua Tree (cute because we had our first camping/climbing trip there and "officially" started dating on the way home from that trip. So we went to Barker Dam and he packed a whole picnic, we had the best spot ever too. We hung out and ate then he asked me to look at some photo he took. I was scrolling through and first was the "WILL" in leaves.. then I caught on and it was amazing! He was on one knee with the ring box open (the box had a light in it! So cool!) and I was so stinkin happy, of course I said yes!
The funny part is that we've been planning the wedding all along. We bought the ring a month ago and he was just waiting to get it before he "officially" proposed. But now it is "OFFICIAL!" YESSSSSSS!

driving to J-Tree, listening to Flight of the Concords

wandering around Barker Dam

best picnic spot ever!

we love pomegranates

the photos!!!!

I was pumped! haha

the last of my polaroids, put to good use


so clever.
it was meant to be... haha. This guy just happen to be there.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Adam + Heather's engagement!

Meet Heather and Adam, a couple from Bakersfield. We shot downtown and it was great! Grayson shot with me and we had this whole game plan, it was fan-freakin-tastic! Oh and I found a sweet button on the ground in the alley, free! I loved that they let me do whatever I wanted and didn't question a single thing, no matter how dirty their butts had to get! Haha. Here are a few of my favorite images!