Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sarah + Daniel's amazingness!

I shot Sarah and Daniel's wedding at this awesome location in Santa Ana, it was at a cemetery. That sounds odd but it was seriously beautiful, so quaint and the light was amazing! We got lucky with the fires, being that all of Orange County was on fire the day before. I was hoping for some fire orange skies but what we had was beautiful too! Everything went perfectly and they are such a perfect couple, so stinkin cute! And they did a sparklers exit! Mi favorita!


splendid sentiments said...

Heather fabulous job!!! the shots are amazing thank you for making everthing look gorgeous! Bethany

robert said...

I think that my Papa is buried in that cemetery. weird.
Heather, your photos are amazing. You are friggin' awesome! I miss you, by the way.

- Robert - #5715