Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Roya + Mike [a good ol time]

Well it seems to be the season of marriage. My good friend Roya of Roya Jade Photography (about to become Jean Paul Photography) just got married! We were in each other's wedding at the same location within a month of each other, amazing. I got to be a brides maid!! I was pumped about that! And Mary Frances and her husbnad Scott (awesome people) did a great job of photographing the day. And you just have to give them a high five, I would be terrified to shoot a wedding with 5 wedding photographers AT the wedding! 5 in the bridal party! That's just nuts! Well, here are some photos of her beautiful day, she looked amazing of course!!

Dana and I snapped a few shots when they were photographing the boys :]
Jagger Photography,JaggerPhotography.com,roya alipour,Heather Jagger
This picture taken by Mary Frances just cracks me up, too many wedding photographers to handle!
Jagger Photography,JaggerPhotography.com
You can never get enough of Dana and Jeremy [who also shot my wedding]
Jagger Photography,Heather Jagger,grayson Glasby,JaggerPhotography.com
Jagger Photography,JaggerPhotography.com
Dana and I stuck together, buddy sytem
Jagger Photography,JaggerPhotography.com,Heather Jagger,Dana Grant
The world just doesn't have enough of these moments... haha
Jagger Photography,JaggerPhotography.com,Heather Jagger
Aww Heather Glasby, no longer a Jagger :[ legally at least ;]
Jagger <br />Photography,JaggerPhotography.com,Heather Jagger,grayson Glasby
Wedding photographers.. and Jason.. know how to get it done
Jagger Photography,Heather Jagger
I love my hubby bubby... :]
This is April and Jason, they met at our wedding (she was one of my brides maids, he was a guest).. I called it! While going through my guest list one day looking for single guys for my roommates, I stumbled upon this glorious idea: Jason and April. It worked! They're amazing together!
I'll have a groom with a side of matching guests
That's Amy Clarke, the awesome makeup artist who did both mine and Roya's wedding makeup, gettin down. And poor Andy after I got too excited and spilled Dana's drink on his back... :/


Brenda_Says_: said...

Roya looked AMAZING!

And I'm sorry but I do believe I was the one who told April about Gayson! I even showed her his myspace pictures and text him after saying that she thought he was cute and to go for it! haha. Oh Heather... always trying to take credit.

Jagger Photography said...

yah right lady, I called it that night we were looking at the guest list. I yelled "April and Gayson!" haha, we can share it.

Dana and Jeremy Grant said...

So hilarious!