Monday, June 15, 2009

Tiny sneek peek of an amazing day after shoot

Gray and I had the pleasure of shooting Tasha and Maurice again and it was A-MA-ZING! You might remember their engagement shoot, still one of my favorites. We love shooting them because we get to whatever we want! Anything I've always wanted to do, I do with them. Anyone who knows me knows I've had a lifetime obsession with balloons, not sure why.. I just do. I've always wanted to do a shoot with balloons so we we did! I kind of wish we'd gotten a million more, but they wouldn't have fit in the car. So we went out to the desert and just did whatever we wanted! And the results were awesome! We went to eat after and got free tootsie rolls with our dinner, haha! So I'm only showing you 2 for now, but more are coming!
Jagger Photography,,Heather Jagger
Jagger Photography,,Heather Jagger


Maurice&Tash said...

the great thing abou shooting with you is that you know it's going to be good and then you see the finished work and its INSANE!

Jagger Photography said...

YESSSSSS! So glad you love them too!

Jacey said...

Wow, that second shot is breathtaking. Awesome work!